Sunday, 27 February 2011

Girls, girls, girls...

Today I spent a lot of the time with a lot of 4 year old girls, ball pits and cake, and I am pleased to say it wasn't quite the horror I was expecting, but I still have a headache as a souvenir.

The dollies took their slightly freaky-looking photo-call to show off their quilts.  Without measuring a thing, I somehow managed to get the perfect size from those scraps - fate!  It has taken a while, but I have learnt that things have to distinctly different but remarkably similar, to avoid confusion and arguments; I think I pulled it off!

I am glad to say they don't remind me of the girls when they were first born... well not too much!


  1. ha ha! the quilts look great. i think dolls are a little scary...is that just me. what a great fabric mix

  2. Jeez I got a fright when I scrolled down agreed the dolls are freaky but MAN ARE THOSE QUILTS CUTE. I love your selection of fabrics, the colours, very very nice! Bigger version in the pipeline then? Fi

  3. yes funny dolls but lovely quilts and cribs. 'Our' twins arent into dolls at all even with a newborn baby!


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