Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Musical chairs...

If there's one thing that we are not lacking, its chairs!  We have lots!  We probably have too many, and are likely to buy more just because...

But my favourite is a little old nursing chair that has been passed down from my grandparents.  It has spent the last 12 years covered in blankets and cushions, and been a dumping ground for all sorts in the girls' room but now I want it back!

It fits in our new bedroom, but needs sprucing up.  My grandpa re-covered it, but despite the emotional attachment, I think now is the time to give it a beautiful facelift. 

OK, so it is currently home to our, as yet, un-hung lampshade; we are waiting to get the bedroom furniture and then this will be the crowning glory!

The Sanderson's 50's collection is possibly one of the most brilliant I have seen; although red is not my colour, this picture sums it up...

My dilemma, for which your opinions would be much appreciated, is whether to go the whole 9 yards (or however much I'd need) with a full on pattern, or to go for a more 'subtle' velvet - if a bright turquoise is subtle, and then forever and a day, make gorgeous cushions and quilts to compliment and update the look...  I think I just answered my own question eh!?

Before you ask, I will not be attempting this myself.  My grandpa was a blimming genius as far as I'm concerned, and if I am going to be spending over £30/m, I won't be going anywhere near with my scissors!


  1. Get making those cushions!
    Loving your flickr pics - you should put them together and make them into an animation when you finish (or just a flick book)
    Liz x

  2. I will look into that, in 2014 when I have finished the HUG; then I'll have the KISS to fill the next couple of years!

  3. yup its cushions all the way from where I'm sitting :-)
    At least you have Begun your Needlepoint FB, I am full of admiration.......mine is still languishing in the drawer :-0

    (but then I Am in the midst of a quilt for hubbs AND I've joined another quilt-along so plenty of excuses there dontcha think?)


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