Monday, 7 February 2011

All white now...

It's all about balance; so to counteract my love of all things bright and beautiful, we need to keep everything else simple, otherwise I think I, at least, would go bonkers, (hush, I can hear at least 2 of you saying 'too late!").

I would love to live in a clean white palace, but I have too much stuff, hubby has too much stuff and the kids, well, I needn't say a word!

So today's delivery was a white one. 

OK, so it's only a laundry basket, but it hides the horrors-within in a very 'aesthetically pleasing manner', and replaces a rather grotty cream canvas number that had seen better days.

But enough of the simple things, I need to crack on with the HUG - I managed to finish the row of flowers, but didn't have time to stitch the surround. 

I did discover that I was 2 stitches short of the number required though.  Oops.  So I soon rectified that.


  1. i love seeing the picture emerge. x

  2. coming along very nicely FB :-)
    I noticed M&S are selling a Very Similar Hug Cushion, go take a look.....its not a tapestry cushion but a fabric lookalike, ho hum, ;-)


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