Thursday, 10 February 2011

More sewing, less worrying...

This evening I am going to spend more time sewing and less time listening to the creaking, groaning, thumping and knocking emanating from my airing cupboard! 

We narrowed it down to a motorised valve, and the plumber is going to take a look on Monday evening - the full flush may be the way to go, thanks Terri.  I will refrain from attempting a little self-help, as we all know what happened last time! (me + pipe + hammer = water + plumber + £).

I am also deliberating whether to go to Brighton on the weekend for the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts show...anyone else going?  The list of exhibitors is rather tempting, especially as The Eternal Maker have a stall.  'Mmm Echino' ... in my best Homer Simpson voice!

We are having more deliveries tomorrow, plus a roof gully re-bedded, and a burglar alarm chap and tree surgeon are all coming round - thank goodness it's hubby's turn for a 'day off'!!  I think I better write a list so he can make sure he remembers who, when and what is going on, just in case he thinks he has time for a nap!


  1. ooh! I live in Brighton and I hadn't even noticed it was coming! LOL.

    I'll probably have to go on Friday afternoon though, as I have a really busy work weekend ... grr ...

    thanks so much for the heads up ...

  2. I'll be there ;-) DD picked up some comp tickets - yay!
    .......hopefully it will make up for missing the Ardingly show :-(


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