Monday, 31 January 2011

A Lovely Giveaway...

Some days I struggle to think of something to say that won't have you all dozing off within seconds, and tonight the wonderful Fi at Patchwork Delights has saved the day, for you and me both!

Pop on over and enter her first giveaway and try to beat me in winning one of her brilliant rug mugs, it's got gnomes on and everything - how great is that!  Thank you Fi - what a super opportunity to get our hands on one of your beautiful creations.

Don't forget to check out her lovely Etsy shop too.

In fact, I've changed my mind; please forget that I mentioned any of this, I really really want to win!


  1. Too late - I'm off to have a look!!!

  2. haha Mrs FB you always bring a smile to my face with your posts, kids think I am made laughing at the PC!!

    Thanks for the mention and Gill you are in as I just read and replied to your message! Fi

  3. Hi I just saw the notice on etsy ireland about the giveaway on patchwork delights -saw your blog nane there and I'd follow you as well!!


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