Monday, 18 May 2015

Off we jolly well go!

Official Day One of the My Small World QAL and I am on it!

My Small World QAL

I pieced the first couple of sections of Part One when I got home from work this afternoon; the sun had come out, and I wanted to start!

I have a little patch of sky…

… and some flats...

Over the weekend I also cut papers and basted the teeny hexes; 1/2" sides!  I will take these to Brownie camp, just in case.  You know the score, take nothing, wish you had; take something, no time at all, but hey!

The pace of the QAL is going to be perfect, I need to play catch up on my AmitiĆ© BOM, and come the weekend I will be resplendent in new reading, aka sewing glasses, and will be able to basically see again!!

My eyesight has got progressively worse over the last 6 months, and being the numpty I am, I suffered in silence, when all I should have done was get my eyes tested!  My distance vision has hardly changed in the last couple of years, but being mid-forties, the presbyopia has hit hard!  So if you thought my stitchy output has been a little slack, and my blog reading, commenting and replying has been on the scant side, this is the reason!  So once I have recovered from the Brownie holiday, I'll be back on the tiny stitching and reading after dark, with a vengeance.


  1. yay! three cheers for renewed vision!

  2. Lol ... I am the same with my vision ...been putting it off for about a year! I love your progress so far and I have completed about the same....most of mine gets done on weekends ...as I work a normal job but am feeling the need to get the hexies done! ❤️hexies :-)

  3. teeth and eyes, never the same post 40! Some of those qal pieces look teeny tiny

  4. I'm glad you got that sorted, it is no fun to be sidelined for no good reason.

  5. Off the shelf reading glasses were a revelation to me when I tried them for sewing last year. For some reason, because I could still read without extra glasses, I didn't think of trying them for sewing. The ones with inbuilt LED lights are brilliant for hand sewing dark fabrics (and for pretending you have superhero laser eyes!).

  6. Gosh you have made a fabulous start! I am with you on the vision - I have had to wear glasses for distance since I was a child but my near vision has always been fine until recently when I have noticed it getting a bit hazier. Time for reading glasses I think although I think I shall call them sewing glasses too!

  7. Sewing glasses sound so much less aging than reading glasses ;o)

    Love your sky and flats - hope you at least manage to sew two hexies together at Brownie camp!

  8. Crikey, you have made a big start to the QAL. I thank you for alerting me to this gorgeous quilt. Within hours of reading your post last week I was off in search of the mag and have also cut and basted the tiny hexies.

  9. And I still wait for my magazine to arrive.


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