Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bee Forgetful...

I realised (thankfully) whilst wracking my brain cell trying to think of something to post today, that I haven't shown you the Bee blocks I made for Stitch Tease this month for Val.

These are those perfect Bee blocks that you would never, ever want to make a whole quilt of yourself, but by delegating to the muppets happy friends in your Bee, you get all the pleasure with limited pain yourself!

I do like making blocks like these, and although these would only measure up to being two 12.5" blocks if joined, they felt like way, way more!

With Val's fabric colour requests, (the bottom teal is really teal, not blue), she is sure to have a stunning quilt x


  1. They are lovely! I hope they weren't too much work! I tried to pick something that could be chain pieced so hopefully it wasn't too much trouble! I appreciate all your hard work and am thankful to sew with friends like you!

  2. I'm plotting my payback but can never think of something intricate when it is my turn.


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