Friday, 21 December 2012

Is it really?!


If it is, I won't have to clean the house before Christmas, so I'll wait until 11.12 before I get my duster out!  xxx

Edited 11.12am  OK, as you were; time to get cleaning then xxx


  1. Phew! What a relief. I'd have hated not getting to know what happens on the last episode of homeland...

  2. We are still here too, but someone suggested we need to wait till tomorrow's dawn to really see, in case you have not yet started on the dusting.

  3. Seems I have to do the housework now too!

  4. Yeah, I like a good new year's clean, so I'm thinking I'll just wait til next week, twice in a week seems like overkill... ;o)

  5. I'm still here too! A little hungover, but still here

  6. Phew! Just missed that one :)


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