Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Full Circle...

You may remember back at the beginning of the year I got really excited at the prospect of a new UK quilting magazine, signed up for a subscription and eagerly awaited a year's worth of modern loveliness, well I think most people know how that one turned out!

I still get my bi-monthly pamphlet of Ads, blank pages and missing pattern pieces, for things I don't ever want to make, but I won't be renewing, despite the rare smattering of friends, those diamonds in the rough, who have graced its pages!

One of the contributors to issue One was the amazing Sara of Sew Sweetness, she made a bag...

...not any old bag, one that had me swooning the minute I saw it!

So can you imagine how I felt, when I discovered this complete and utter beauty waiting on the doorstep when I got home from work today...

Honestly it is that vibrant - it was a grey day and these pics are tinker-free!
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (Yeah, that doesn't really show the full force of my excitement at all!).

Thank goodness I knew it was coming, otherwise I would have probably had a heart-attack!

The Conversation Bag had been finally returned to Sara after a tussle in which I provided a little UK-based muscle; I am the self-proclaimed Jason Statham of quilting; and then after a visit to Sewing Summit, a road trip to end all road trips with this lovely lady and the other one, thanks Kat Cam; it got over its jet-lag in Glasgow, and has now come home to me!!!

Sara is so wonderful, talented and frustratingly pretty, we all know that, but she is also so generous and kind hearted; I really can't thank you enough Sara, and I shall show it off with pride xxx

And so, moving on seamlessly, almost as if I had planned it, with that HUGE gap in the market for a quality, reliable, trustworthy modern UK quilting magazine, what are we all to do?

Look no further than here, that's what!

Kerry aka PennyDog (that's Kerry not Kerrie!!!) is hoping to raise the funds to fill that gap; she is doing this by selling subscriptions and advertising for a March 2013 launch.

Please have a look at the video, have a read of Kerry's bio and do what feels right ;)  I did.

Should she, perish the thought, not reach her target of £5,000 by the end of the year, all monies will be refunded; so what have you got to lose!?

What goes around, comes around my friends, what goes around, comes around xxx


  1. I LOVE this bag! Do you know where one could get the pattern?

    1. I just added the link to a tutorial on Sara's blog xxx

  2. Wow, that was smooth, seamless some might say, but glad to see you're on board with Kerry's big push for her magazine! And how jealous am i about that amazing bag, just beautiful, and now i know where to go if i need any muscle!! ; )

  3. Oh I know what you mean about that magazine..I am going off to have a look now at this new one.

  4. Oh you lucky lucky mare, I love that bag!

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  6. You lucked out with that fab bag.

    Right about now I think we are all chanting *Go Kerry Go* very loudly and hopefully xxx

  7. Thank you Hadley, Ange and Liz :D

  8. Glad I could babysit it for you ;o)

  9. Excellent!!
    also glad I'm your friend ;)

  10. Ohhh how does one get hold of that tute?! God knows I could never get my hands on the ill fated magazine... Jumped at the chance to sponsor Kerry!

  11. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! You are indeed the luckiest lady I've ever met.

  12. Already signed up! Can't be any worse than that last one!! Gorgeous bag! Jxo

  13. Signed up too. Can't believe how that bag ended up at your home. You are one lucky lady. Di x

  14. We are all rooting for Kerry. And that bag is amazing! What a lovely early Christmas present. I expect to see it next time I see you.

  15. That is heart stoppingly gorgeous! I'm off to visit Kerry to find out about the new magazine x

  16. Thanks for the link to the tutorial...though I'm sure I could never make one as fantastic as your one!

  17. That's such a lovely story Hadley - enjoy your bag and good luck to Kerry - I really hope she reaches her target and fill that gap!

  18. Well said! I love the bag - how many people have stopped you in the street to ask where you got it from?

    P.S. Be aware that you may soon be visited by a certain white dog who has been sent on a search and rescue mission...

  19. Wow lucky you getting such a gorgeous bag! I too graced the pages of aforementioned magazine, in the form of an interview, and needless to say, it didn't end well :-( Thankfully I have moved on to bigger and better things and it's great to see that Kerry is filling that much needed gap in the market.

  20. Good for you! I have supported the new mag already.

  21. Racking up the good karma! The bag is gorgeous! I hope you guys end up with a wonderful UK quilting magazine, especially after the last fiasco!


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