Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello October...

Farewell September, you were perhaps the saddest month I have ever known.

So linking up with Fresh Sewing Day...
Lily's Quilts
I don't have masses to show, half of these were completed in the first week, which is probably why I don't feel I got a lot made.

The Hug quilt arrived safely with my sister and brother-in-law last week, and that's all that matters.

The brightest hours were spent in the company of friends stitching with Aneela; and the relief of finishing my secret Stitch Tease block, a month over-due, means I can move forward, needle in hand, with a weight off my shoulders.

And so to October - today sees the start of the Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along Blog Hop - I'll let fabulous Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts explain...

"Blog Hop: 
The following fabulously talented ladies have so kindly offered to share their scrap secrets with you as well as helping spread the word about the Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along. Be sure to stop by each day and check out their scrap storage! 

10/4: Craft Buds
10/6: Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle - That's me!
10:9: QAL kick-off day at Ellison Lane Quilts
10/10: Maureen Cracknell Handmade (QAYG tutorial!)

The QAL kicks off on October 9 with giveaways, special sales, discounts and all the details to get you started.

The many prizes offered to those of you that join our quilt-along are graciously donated by the following sponsors. 

Blog Hop starts today, October 1.
Scrappy Stash QAL starts October 9. 
Scrappy Stash QAL ends November 13. 
Link up finished quilt November 13-15. 
Prizes drawn November 16. 

OK, who's ready? Grab a button for your blog then (later - the US are still asleep!) pop on over to see Dana at Old Red Barn Co. and let's get this party started!"

Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along at Ellison Lane Quilts

You heard the woman, I better get sorting!


  1. Here's hoping you'll have a much better month in October Hadley x

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  3. Hugs to you and lovely projects as always and here is to a fresh month xxxxx

  4. Here's to a better October xx Beautiful projects though! So colourful :)

  5. Lovely makes and hoping October is a little brighter for you and your family.x

  6. Beautfiul makes Hadley and I hope that October is a brighter month for you xx

  7. Some lovely projects for September - gorgeous colour choices!

  8. Love, love, love all your September makes. Especially love the girl on the swing. So sorry that September also brought such sadness. Hope that October brings a little healing.

  9. You've made some beautiful stuff!
    I hope October brings more happiness x

  10. Happy October! :). You maxes some real beauties last month, I'm sure this month will be no different! Right, I'm off to go wake Dana!

  11. lovely things. here's hoping that October is a good month xx

  12. You certainly did lots in September even through your sadness. I am glad the quilt arrived safely and that healing and comfort continue with your family. Looks like October is going to be even busier for you. Will look forward to checking in regularly!

  13. Oh sweetie, this really did hit you hard, thinking of you x x x

  14. I saw your name on list earlier: how fantastic. I'm sorry that September has been so sad for you and really hope October is a huge improvement. Lovely makes, wish I had made half as much

  15. PS I've got to stop spending so much time on blogs, so as you have [Goggle Plus] there will be times when I hit that rather than actually comment. The + will translate as " I came, I read, I had to dash, but I did enjoy the visit". I hope you're ok with this, and obviously understand when you do the same :-)

  16. What lovely makes! I hope October is a better month xx

  17. Oh hey, 2 whole quilts is pretty damn good! Hope this much is much better for you

  18. That September makes mosaic is darned impressive! Here's to an uneventful October with a smattering of sewing.

  19. I love your makes and I am hoping October will be much better - it looks like it will have a lot of fun scraps for sure.

  20. Your September finishes are lovely...I'm sorry the memories aren't as pretty. Hoping that next month will bring happier days to you...

  21. Lovely projects! Hoping that October is much better :)

  22. I have held you in a virtual hug all month long. The toughest part must be being so far from your sister. Just having had my brother here this last week has been such a joy. There should be a law that families cannot live further than a few hours from each other! Hoping October will bring you joy.

  23. Just hopped over from the Fresh Sewing Day. Here's to October being a new and better month. Your projects are gorgeous. xo


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