Sunday, 28 October 2012

Strip Teasing again...

As hoped, I managed to finish my next strip for the secretive Stitch Tease Bee this week.

Danny has pretty much given us free reign on what to make, so free reign is what she's getting!

Can't show you a lot, after all, it is a tease by name, and tease by nature!

I am now all caught up; the next sewing 'session' of this Bee runs from December 1st to Feb 1st 2013!  I think I will be able to meet that deadline.

The secret commission is also now complete, all bound and threads buried, the nice cosy task I had hoped for; I think I might have to start another embroidery later as I seem to have finished all my portable, TV-friendly projects, which is where I am feeling the need to be right now, quelle horreur!


  1. Am looking forward to seeing both these projects one day! lol

  2. Can't wait to see what the out come will be.

  3. Can't wait to see what you have made for Danny. I'm going to crank out Dianne's this week come hell or high water. Then I am only one behind!

  4. You are the Mistress of Tease!

  5. You stinker. I want to see more! Love the colors, though :)

  6. What a great photo! You really are flying hrough these now. I've been stuck on Di's for 2 or three weeks, but I've nearly finished then I've got Susan's - a bit easier I hope!

  7. Oh I'm feeling bad - I have to do Danny's this week and then I shall be up to date but I'm dithering...I love what you have made for her having been lucky enough to see the strip. Beautiful.


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