Sunday, 30 September 2012

In the words of Meatloaf...

Two out of three ain't bad!

Blimey, how did it get to be that time already!?  As quarter 3 of Rhonda's Finish-Along draws to a close, I can confirm that I managed to finish up two projects out of the three I had hoped for back here.

i) The Mystery Quilt...

Yay for de-constructing and re-constructing and finishing my longest overdue bit of makery.

I only just blogged about it here, but if your retinas can take another look at all that yellow-ness, here it is...

ii) Retro Flowers Quilt...

Well this is a demi-fail, not yet completed, but I did progress from just 4 blocks made at the start of the quarter, to all 16...

This will be on the list again for the 4th quarter for sure.

iii) Spring Carnival mega-cushion...

I love this finish.  It is big, squidgy, in use daily and all mine!

I am not going to show(off) all the other things I have made along with these over the summer months, but there have been at least 9 quilt blocks for others, 11 purses, 2 bags, 1 mini-quilt, 2 cushions, 2 full quilts and some embroidery.  Add to that a lot of 'starts', and I am not too put out by the slowly blooming Retro Flowers.

Oh... and I finished the mega-block this afternoon.  Sneaky peak...

How did you fare?


  1. blimey lady, you are a busy woman!

  2. Good quarter for you then ;-)

  3. Cripes, 2 full quilts that weren't even on the list? You over achiever you!!! Well done

  4. Oh I gave up on listing in quarter 1!!
    Keep going with the retro flowers, it's lovely, and great job on the Spring Carnival, mine is crying out to be finished off.

  5. Yeah, I'd say you've had a successful quarter! xx

  6. I knew I could never keep up with this all year long, but I do feel like I failed Cindy as I am quilting the final borders of,her quilt, not quite in time for a finish :(. You did good Hadley, like you say with all the other makes, I think you deserve a medal!

  7. Love the cushion. Equally so the mega block and survived the repeat peak at your lemon lime quilt.

  8. I like the mashed up mystery quilt!

  9. Still love that cushion! And the Retro Flowers is going to be a great quilt!

  10. I like it all, especially the pillow. I think that any finish for the summer quarter is a roaring success and you managed 2 and half!

  11. Nowhere near as good as you chick! Jxo

  12. Oh such loveliness - I really admire you getting on with the Retro flowers as everyone says they are a bit tricky. The mega cushion is stunning too and yes the deconstructed quilt is looking even more yellow today

  13. You are amazing. A-MAZ-ING. This quarter was just fantastic for you, wasn't it?

  14. Beautiful projects! Lovely Retro Flowers- love the fabrics you're using :)


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