Thursday, 23 August 2012

Loose Ends...

My first day home from holiday has been consumed with 6 loads of washing and an afternoon sat in the sun whilst the kids enjoyed Junior Archaeology Day, so I have nothing crafty to show you but the mini hexies from the local museum (again!)...

But I have had the chance to read through my emails and apologise that some of my pre-written posts were written in haste, vital info missing, sorry!  So I figure it will be easier to answer the questions and comments here and be able to pretty much clear down my Inbox in one fell swoop!  (Bonus).

Looking for Inspiration - 50s style
My 3 favourite books, and those I showed prints from were...
Patterns - Philippe de Baeck

V&A Pattern - The Fifties - Sue Prichard

1950s Fashion Prints - Marnie Fogg

All highly recommended.

Hey FoQers
Thank you Susan for the photo!  I am so jealous of all you guys that got to meet up, and seeing all that Liberty Lifestyle fabric popping up in everyones' photos is not making me feel any better about missing out!
Thanks matey x
The Carnival is coming along...
Thank you for all the compliments - this is going to be a whopping cushion - I will have to go onto eBay to find suitably enormous innards soon!

Sweet Liberty
Simply Taking a Liberty more like!  I want to get these purses made as soon as possible, it would be too rude not to!  They may be international jet-setters but still no nearer to being made, sorry.

Buttercup Buttercup
This is a free bag pattern to download, so there's no excuse for not printing the pieces and getting one or two made, if you are one of the few people left who have not made one already.  Mine was invaluable for smuggling boiled eggs and assorted preserves from the hotel breakfast buffet!

Told you that game was fun!  I average about an 8, but it does seem to be a little haphazard judging poor from very good, or maybe it's just my eyes!

For The Next Few Months...
Obrigado Tia - Estou tão animado!  
Still so excited, I have two cousins with babies due before my sister, another boy and a 'wait and see', so busy happy times ahead; are we going to place bets as to whether the baby or the quilt are 'ready' first?!

Open Wide!
I had to pre-warn Cindy not to read that post until the parcel arrived!  But like it she does, (Yoda?), and it arrived just in time, so all was good!

Did You Miss Me?
And finally, shucks... you make me blush!  I have to admit I have already gone stealth in catching up with some of the comings and goings in blogland, but hope to be back in 'real-time mouthy mode' soon, although I have to admit I am trying to cling to the holiday mindset for as long as possible.

I really do apologise for the lack of personal replies, but I promise I have read all your comments and appreciate every single one of them xxx

Right now, I need to think about getting on with my Stitch Tease strip and BQS3 parcel extras along with other less urgent things, like 2 tonnes of ironing and perhaps buying some food! 

Mañana mis amigos x


  1. Just so you know.....I DID miss you!! So happy you had a great time on your vacation. It does take awhile to get back into the swing of things. Take care.

  2. Good to have you back. Di x

  3. Smuggling boiled eggs? You go on some very weird holidays... ;o)

  4. I've so got to see those books... Glad your fabulous buttercup was well used, hope you didnt get croissant stains on your lining ;-)

  5. Oh, that reminds me, I have a pic to send to you!

  6. so funny, I am so behind in reading blogs that this saved me from having to read a weeks worth of yours! Welcome back!

  7. I completely missed you! And definitely: Like it I DO!!! Isn't is fun to talk like Yoda? My 4-year-old grandson is a pro and even changes his voice--too cute.

  8. ironing? Now *that* is a waste of time! Unless it's seams, of course ;-)

  9. What a great way to reply to lots of comments at once! Boiled egg smuggling? Was going to make a comment about budgie smugglers but can't think how to phrase it without being enormously and outrageously rude and it's too early for smut ;o)
    P.S. May have to have another go at the colour torture and see if I can make it to the end!

  10. The books look great. Great to have you back and yes I missed you :)

  11. Welcome back, glad you had a good break, I'm on my 3rd (!) hol this summer, about to meet hurricane Isaac (!) at dad's. Any chance of you coming up for Sandown this year? Annabelle and I are hoping to meet up, on the saturday morning

  12. boiled egg smuggling...snicker!????


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