Sunday, 26 August 2012

Easy, Like Sunday Morning...

This morning we got up and went swimming; not just 'us girls' watching dear son having his lesson, but all the family.  We are determined to make the most of the last few days of the holidays all together! 

I then made the most of the sunshine and sat in the garden stitching the hexies and making a start on some more friendship bracelets.

Twin Two is happy with her replacement, and the others are now nagging for more; oh what have I started?!

I also managed to get the Liberty panel finished...

...now onto purse assembly; if I can remember how my sewing machine works!


  1. I still can't get over how tiny those hexi's are! Don't worry about the sewing machine, it's just like riding a bike!

  2. I used to know how to make such bracelets, looking at your lovely one I'm tempted to try and remember how to do it.
    I love the tiny hexies, too.

  3. Those hexies are minuscule, how on earth did you sew them? Hope you enjoy the last of the hols!

  4. I think bracelet making is a skill I need to learn. Sounds like you had a fun day!

  5. I remember years of making those as a kid with a safety pin attached to the knee of my jeans :oD Glad your customer was happy!

  6. Now I have that song in my head! A cute bracelet I so remember making those...then the scoobies came out...
    Such awesome tiny hexies, sewing machines are like riding bikes...=D

  7. That looks like serious sewing to me.

  8. Pretty bracelet and lovely hexies!

  9. Hexies are looking fab! And well done on the bracelet too! Jxo

  10. Oooh, lovely hexies, I want to start some tinies too!

    Friendship bracelets:
    get the girls to measure 8 m of spare wool/yarn/thread (one metre is their arms outstretched)
    Fold in half and tie a knot. (fold in half again if you don't have 4m to workin)
    Slip knot over a door knob, and start twisting the thread
    Twist for ages, then twist some more, to test, put the two ends together and see if it twists tightly around itself
    Once you've twisted enough, hold the middle, but ends together, drop middle, help it to twist neatly
    Tie two ends together, slip looped end over door knob, twist again (NB, now twisting opposite direction)
    Twist for ages again (enforcing its own twist)
    Hold two ends together and let it twist again, needs to be tight
    Knot loose ends together
    Put around wrist, slip knot through loop
    Knot at appropriate length, allow ends to unravel.
    Ta da : removable friendship bracelet they can make themselves

    To encourage teamwork, have sibling twist other end rather than use door knob, try not to drop!!

    (Isaac moved west, we should be ok!)

  11. oooh teeeny teeeeeny hexies! Lovely :-) Glad you all had fun at the swimming. x

  12. Our lives are lived in parallel. My daughter has turned our playroom into a friendship bracelet sweatshop and is now integrating beads for 'more bling'. AND, I also basted 50 1/2" Liberty hexies while on vacation this summer. I haven't figured out what to do with them yet, but I figure it'll be handy having them on file one day!

  13. Sewing machine been found yet? Do you remember how to plug it in and turn it on? Hope you have a productive Bank Holiday Monday.

  14. Friendship bracelets...there's a blast from the past. How's the sewing machine getting along? Or did she/it take today as a holiday too?

  15. How can you stop at one friendship bracelet?
    your girls are old enough to do simple ones.
    Long strings of floss held down at one end by someone (or a rock). Twist until just right and then let it double back on itself. tie off.

    It's a full moon these last days before school.

  16. If they wear their bracelets when they go back to school you're going to be inundated with 'Mammy please will you make a bracelet for X?' for weeks! Love the teeny tiny Liberty hexies!

  17. Cute bracelets. I remember when my kids were into making the friendship bracelets. Fun times.
    I'm anxious to see the purse you will create with your hexies of Liberty!

  18. i love those bracelets! i have a friend that used the same knotting technique and covered her head phone wires. it looked super!


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