Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Not-so Bleak Mid-WInter...

Time to link back all those successes from my Winter Stitching Plans posted way back here in October.

It was a huge and hopeful list, which I have been keeping up to date as you can see via that link over on the left.  But I thought it would still be nice to round up with pictures and see everything in one place...

1.  Present for my Grandma's 90th birthday in November.

2.  Man quilt for dear husband's birthday in November.

3.  Sonic Screwdriver case for sonny boy's birthday in November.

4.  Something pretty for the girls' birthdays in November.

5.  Something for my Dad's birthday in December.

6.  7 change trays commissioned by Mum's friends for Christmas.

7.  Duo QAL runner for Christmas at home.

8.  Matching Ayumi organizer basket.

9.  Another grand crafting gesture for our Christmas home!

10. Dead Simple table cloth for Mum & Dad's Christmas present.

11. Zip pouches/pencil cases galore for Christmas, including Mum, sister and teachers.  Well the teachers missed out, but there was the Brit Bee and Work Secret Santas, Sew Mama Sew giveaway day and myself to add in, plus a Kindle case, with no zip!

12. Finish my Mystery QuiltIt's now on my Finish-along list!

13. Learn to paper-piece properly and use my Kerry pattern(s) many times.  Not 'mastered' or 'many' times yet - I want to be on Kerry's masterclass at Fat Quarterly Retreat for sure.

14. A Rainbow charm quilt.  Made in Cherry QAL current project.

15. A Denyse Schmidt quilt.  Possible Swoon, after the Made In Cherry!

16. A Little Apples confetti quilt.  Bumped down the list, but will happen.

17. Complete my Brit Bee quilt (November Queen Bee).  Oh yeah!

18. Stay up to date with the Bee blocks. 

19. Use all those hexies I have been mass producing!  Almost pieced for a cushion top, and on my Finish-along list too.

20. Make at least one item a month from my crafty book collection.  I have amended this to 'book, magazine or pattern collection', ie. anything I have paid good money with the intent to use!  Not sure on the timings, but 3 makes in 3 months so far.

Mollie Makes

Keyka Lou pattern

Modern Blocks book

21. Make at least one more 241 Tote.  I need this one done by mid-February for my sister's birthday.

22. Seat cushion cover for hubby.  He did get a cushion for Christmas though!

23. Be a New Year Swap Mama! 

24. Run a Brit Fabric swap.  No hurry, I want to do something a bit different.

25. Lose weight, a lot of weight!  Ahem, it's been Christmas!

There was a lot of 'felt' action too, and some other bits and bobs I didn't put on the list, so I reckon I've made a good start!

I am hoping to tick off the rest of the list, or at least a good proportion of them, by the end of the Winter sewing season.

How about you, how have you been getting on?  Off now to check out all my sewing compadres over with Sarah @ Fairy Face Designs.


  1. I'm lying down now from the exhaustion of reading the list, let alone contemplating ever tackling anything approaching a list that long!

  2. Good for you! You are a machine! It's great to see the list working- I need one too!!!

  3. OMG! And there I was thinking my list was long! lol My goodness Hadley, you've been like a stitching machine! I have no doubt you will achieve much more by spring! Keep up the great work missus!

  4. I'm with Susan having a little rest after getting to the end of your list. Well done you, your projects look fab!

  5. Wow! Great job!

    Is there a pattern out there for the police box or did you draft it yourself? My husband would die for a sonic screwdriver case! ;)

  6. Jeeeez you dont half churn out the pretty... All fabulous. I tip my hat to you!

  7. Umm, we aren't even really halfway through winter yet, and here you are with hardly anything left on the list! Slow down, lady!!

  8. Wow, you have done a lot! And it is all lovely too!

  9. All that and you work too? I am ever so impressed!!!

  10. wowsers! You have been sooo productive & what lovely projects!

  11. I am just off to call social services - those kids must be totally neglected - WHERE do you find the time????????? (Lovely stuff by the way). xx

  12. Wow, that is quite a list, don't forget to eat breathe and sleep

  13. You put us all to shame with that many ticks! Jxo

  14. I've just asked Lynz if she fancies coming round and tackling something (or several things!) from my list - do you want to join her?!! You've achieved an amazing amount and they're all wonderful...what's your secret? Do you sleep?!

  15. Looking good missus! I wore Susan out too, apparently she wears easily ;o)

  16. You're such a slacker you've only made a few things. A few thousand it feels like!!!!

  17. Such charming projects indeed. I would love to be on your birthday list!!

  18. I've been having real trouble commenting here - I'm at work ( my boss is in Canada!!) and this isn the first chance I've had to say I love your Constellations quilt!! The teal background totally makes it. It's SUCH a beauty!

    (and yeah - over achiever!! Your fingers must be worn away to nubs!!)

  19. Wow, wow, wow! Such an impressive list twinnie, love seeing all those beauties lined up together!

  20. Fantastic projects.....you have been working so hard and that's not even considering everything else you do each day before you get around to sewing!

  21. Totally exhausting reading all that Hadley! You must be obsessed! And have a time machine!

  22. whew! what a list and what a list of finishes too! my hat is off hadley! great job!

  23. I'm cowering in a corner because I am exhausted by just reading your list. You have completed so many projects I am tired. However do you do it all and have children at home? I could have never done this when the boys were all home.

  24. So completely divine, all of it!! How lovely to spy something that's now mine too :) You are uber talented!!

  25. wow! I am in shock with the amount of sewing you have done and the quality of them!, Congratulations!

  26. Heavens to Betsy! Have you been busy. Just adore all those little pouches :)


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