Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello... now be off with you!

OK, I only have two things to impart to you this fine evening, as I have only buried a few threads in the Constellation since we last met and I can't hang about, I have stuff to do, swappers to sort!

If you haven't heard already, over at Very Berry Handmade this evening, 'The Resolved to Sew 2012 Giveaway' has just launched, and there's a list of prizes that only a crazy fool could ignore, including these...

10 Erin McMorris FQs from Backstitch

...or a £40 voucher for Fancy Moon - can't decide which is my favorite!
All you have to do is comment over at Ali's for one chance to win, or blog on the theme of 'Resolved to Sew' and post a link in your comment for 2 chances.  I, for one, will be posting a little something here as my double-chance entry tomorrow, and I think maybe you should too.

If you are not familiar with Ali and her wonderful makes, tutes and Sunday night low-down on UK fabric shops and crucially their current bargains, then I think you should rectify that immediately!

Secondly, could all Mouthy Stitchers who have not yet posted their mosaics or sign up forms please do so by Wednesday; we would like to get onto the fun part, allocating partners.  Those who requested an invite to take part should hear from one of the Mama's this evening, and those who want to be members, but not take part in this round should be able to join the group from Thursday, if we can get the books to balance!

Off you go!


  1. Hi Hadley if you end up a sewer short give me a tingle. I left my sign up too late and missed out.

  2. Mouthy, and bossy............

  3. Yup, start a swap as you mean to go on and don't smile until half term...and I've missed a post as I didn't realise you'd quilted Constellation, I'm off to catch up!

  4. Good luck with that balancing act! Let us non-swappers know if we need to send booze... ;o)

  5. I hope you get to that tallying and sorting soon, the swappers are getting impatient. I am off to enter to win that prize, thanks.

  6. Thanks for the tip off but will you forgive us if we win!?

  7. You are such a bad influence! Can't wait to get my partner!Jxo

  8. Might have known you'd crack your whip ;-)


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