Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter Stitching Plans...

... aka 'Setting myself up for a fall'!

It seems apt with the first frost and flip-flop-free day, that I am linking up with Sarah, and so many of you for the FairyFace Designs Winter Stitching shenanegans!

FairyFace Designs

Here's the plan...
1.  Present for my Grandma's 90th birthday in November.
2.  Man quilt for dear husband's birthday in November.
3.  Sonic Screwdriver case for sonny boy's birthday in November.
4.  Something pretty for the girls' birthdays in November.
5.  Something for my Dad's birthday in December.
6.  7 change trays commissioned by Mum's friends for Christmas.
7.  Duo QAL runner for Christmas at home.
8.  Matching Ayumi organizer basket.
9.  Another grand crafting gesture for our Christmas home!
10. Dead Simple table cloth for Mum & Dad's Christmas present.
11. Zip pouches/pencil cases galore for Christmas, including Mum, sister and teachers.
12. Finish my Mystery Quilt.
13. Learn to paper-piece properly and use my Kerry pattern(s) many times.
14. A Rainbow charm quilt.
15. A Denyse Schmidt quilt.
16. A Little Apples confetti quilt.
17. Complete my Brit Bee quilt (November Queen Bee).
18. Stay up to date with the Bee blocks.
19. Use all those hexies I have been mass producing!
20. Make at least one item a month from my crafty book collection.
21. Make at least one more 241 Tote.
22. Seat cushion cover for hubby.
23. Be a New Year Swap Mama!
24. Run a Brit Fabric swap.
25. Lose weight, a lot of weight!

Some of these are already in progress, so that's a good start.  Many are time bound - November is just a little bit of a busy month, and Christmas needs to be at least 4 months away by my calculations!

For those wondering, the disco was 'fun', I was on 'crisp' duty which was a near escape from 'DJ request' duty as I am sure you can imagine; it meant I missed cakes with the headmaster whilst setting up, but I had biscuits with him in the morning, so that's OK.

And for those thinking I had lost my taste/style/marbles yesterday, I would like to say what a lovely, polite and tactful bunch of folks you all are - I was just testing!  Please check this out!  Someone better be on guard, I am NOT keeping it!


  1. Oh lordy lordy, is that list for real?!!! The best of British luck on that Miss Hadley, but actually, knowing you, you might pull it off! I have missed a few posts so I have no idea what you're on about with the disco business, will go and check it out!

  2. Yes, those time constraints are a bit of a bugger, aren't they? Good luck!

  3. Wow, an ambitious, but exciting list! I've been reading everyone's lists, and not wanting to make one of my own (fear of commitment?) but now I'm thinking I might want to write up a [humble] list after all. We haven't had our first frost yet, but sadly this has not been a very colorful fall. Do you guys have pumpkins and Halloween over there?

  4. And I'm sure you'll achieve them all! I hadn't realised you had such a habit of producing November babies!

  5. Your list is easing my own stress levels.......all those November birthdays!!

  6. Yes, you definitely have an ambitious list there! I'll try to match it... hehe

  7. Lol I knew yours would be longer than mine. You're definitely the evil twin ;-) I'm with you on lots of them, mostly no 25 and no 20. Thanks for linking up, I'le be checking up on you!

  8. hahahahahaha!! That's a great list you've got there! I'm with you on 25, and thank god they didn't put me on crisp duty there wouldn't have been any left ;)

  9. Oh I forgot the losing weight bit and the rainbow charms quilt...will have to edit tomorrow. Love your exhausting list - how much will you do Wonder Woman? BTW, love the references to tea and cakes with the head!

  10. Oh Boy, and I thought that my list was bad, I am so glad that I didn't put a time limit on mine. I can just see you zooming 24/7. Good Luck with it all!

  11. Just reading this list is giving me anxiety. I think I'll stick to my very few WiPs. :)

  12. Whew, you're going to be busy....having FUN! You go, girl! Love it!

  13. That's an enormous list! But I know you're more than capable! Like the sound of you becoming an uber mama! Jxo

  14. Hadley you make us all out to be wimps by comparison - I haven't even done any list yet but I am so way off track I need to - all these swaps are distracting me but fun!

  15. Wow you have a lot of birthdays in November! Good luck with your list, you've got plenty to be getting on with there! :)

  16. Funny...your group of readers was oh so polite yesterday and today they have decided to not even mention the obviously ugly. hehehe Can't wait to see where it goes and how far it travels LOL

    I am amazed by your list. And knowing you - you will get it all done! Your energy is unbelievable.

  17. Wow, that is quite a list! And losing weight is not stitching!! (I'm going to be posting my "weigh-in" stats shortly, so make sure you drop in)
    I did do a bit of a double take when I saw that needle book yesterday! Oh, that is too hilarious - maybe it will be like the travelling teddybears they do at school, and you could make it a little passport so we can see how far it travels?

  18. that's some list - and love the last one - i've been finding weight for years! good luck with your shenanigans

  19. Great list but you forgot something really important:It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
    Here's a fun place to start! Everybody loves boob lube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p8pIHy2GRI

  20. WOW that's some list! I'm sure you'll do great with it though! It has inspired me to do one of own though, as I have several vague ideas about sewn presents...I need to get going!

  21. Um I think you might need to squeeze in some extra hours in the day to get all that done my friend but more power to you if you can knock that out! :) That is some kinda list!
    I have pondered making a list but am afraid of making myself anxious over what I have to accomplish...

  22. Oh goodness I can barely hold onto your coat tails! I'm in for 23 and 25 and would love to be in on 24 if you'll take me :)

  23. Yup, you're definitely going to have to give up sleeping - of all the lists I've seen in the past hour you and Sarah (Shetland) tie for first place in the 'how many things can I put on my list and still keep my face straight and my head out of my hands' competition. Good luck, I have a feeling you may need it ;o) 23 & 24 sound exciting though!

  24. You didn't do your self any favours by having everyone's birthdays right before Christmas. Piss poor planning!! ;-) Good luck with the list and the last one. I ate enough raw carrots this summer for a whole countryside's worth of bunnies - but it worked!

  25. Can I just say - that list is one of the scariest things I've ever read. I need a lie down.... Very good luck, am sure you will do it..

  26. Great list! Love grandma's birthday pillow!


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