Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Working...on a Wednesday!

I know, I am usually pushing the pedal to the max on a Wednesday, but this week I have swapped my non-working day for Thursday.

Today I had my In-year review at work, I am so 'good', and this afternoon I spent a couple of hours building a machine to recycle plastic bottles into fleece jumpers!  OK, so it was only sticking old cardboard boxes, bottle tops and toilet rolls together with dear son and his classmates, but it was good fun; but boy, those Dads are competitive! 

Then home for the quick Ballet/Beavers turn around, to be met by a fun parcel from a crazy lady!

A couple of Wednesdays ago I managed to listen to 3 Quilter in the Gap podcasts in 2 days.  Obviously I immediately told Rhonda that I surely deserved a medal for such a heroic feat!

Look what I got...

So of course I knew who it was from!

If you are not familiar with my friend Rhonda, then please pop over to her blog, leave her a comment, preferably with at least one word with more than 4 syllables and have a listen to one of her so funny podcasts!  Rhonda wants to be a Brit (sometimes!), so I have made it my civic duty to use my British sense of humour to tease her as much as I dare and see if she 'gets it', it makes me chuckle!  Rhonda and Rachel are also running the Duo Quiltalong, and I'm sure they'd let you join in and catch up if you wanted to!

Anyway, you probably want to see what was inside... 

Look it's got my little house on!  And ta-da...

Cool postcard and sweetest mini needle case which I should have taken with me to Ballet this evening; I was sewing hexies and having to use my trouser leg to keep the needle away from those bare ballerina feet! 

Thank you again Rhonda, you are such a great lady to know x

For my real day off, I have a school open morning then cakes with the headmaster at the end of the day followed by the school disco where, in some moment of insanity, I volunteered to 'help'!  I may get some sewing done, if I do, you'll be first to know!

PS If you want to win yourself one of Kerry's wonderful paper-piecing patterns, pop over to either Ayumi's, Lynne's or Amy's.  Look at where a bit of Minchin-love gets me - smack-bang in the middle of the coolest girls, (Cindy, you can be cool too by association!)!


  1. Love the parcel - such a thoughtful gift! Good luck with the disco...ugh, did my share of those as a teacher and wouldn't want to do it again. Sorry, should be more enthusiastic...oh, a school disco, how wonderful! You'll get to dance to all the latest tweeny pop tunes and tell all the boys to stop racing round in the dark. Add copious amounts of sugar from highly coloured drinks and sweets and you have a winning combination! Better? ;o)

  2. Ha, love the prize. Does listening to them all last week in Skye qualify me for something other than one of those wee jackets that lets you hug yourself do you think?

    Um, tomorrow doesn't sound like much of a day off, good luck!

  3. Bon courage at the school disco and I stick needles in my shirt or jeans and then forget. Ouch. Love your goodies from that girl in the gap!

  4. Cakes with the headmaster eh? Nuff said! Jxo

  5. You valiant thing - reading with the infants and sewing with year 6 was all I could do!

    Well done Rhonda - she mastered that little needlebook then!?

  6. Ok, cutest needle case ever, glutton for punishment, school disco are you mad! Enjoy your day off, (in the knowledge it's almost friday!)

  7. Be sure to behave at the Headmaster's tea party.

  8. No fair, I want a medal too, I did double gap catch ups a few weeks ago! And Miss Cameron... LMFAO! Love that you're doin the school disco chaperoning... can just see you assessing dancin pupils with the "ruler" test...

  9. Oh my goodness I'm tired even thinking of your adventure of a day! I don't know how you do it, Miss H. Rhonda's package rocks! How cool is she? Luck you!

    Sure, I'm such a goober I'm not sure I can even be cool by association! I'll give it a shot, though :) Thanks, H xx

  10. Uh Oh it appears I have started something. Am I reading this right...Katy...did you catch up on all my episodes at one time? My husband would declare you insane and desparetly in need of a straight jacket for sure!!! Sarah...double is not triple!! AND who would want that pathetic needle case. No one else gave me a hard time like Hadley. It was her idea to pass the baby on! Who knows where it will end up. I can only hope it will get some TLC! It is so sad!!

  11. Loving the nice comments on the needle case. Think Rhonda thought you would immediately be thinking of who you could pass it on to next!

  12. Pretty sure there won't be any Minchin at the school disco-but definitely some interesting dance moves- throw your best shapes

  13. that is hilarious! i love that rhonda's favorite needle case made it to a home that will use it with love every single day. ;) lol


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