Monday, 27 October 2014

Pier Pressure...

First day of half term, the sun was shining, so after a little bit of shopping, we went for a drink and cake by the sea, and then a stroll along the pier…

You take things for granted when you live by the sea, so it was quite fun to do the tourist thing, and play in the amusement arcade for a while; we blew a whole 70 pence, changed into 2ps for the penny pushers.

There was also some afternoon stitching; but with the joy of the clocks going back, it was dark by the time I was done!

Hoping the rest of the holiday goes so well.


  1. I see no mention of ice creams...I may have to report you to the authorities for ice cream neglect!

  2. Do your kids have two half term breaks? It seems a bit early by our standards.

  3. looks like a fun day out, lovely photos

  4. Looks like a fun day out! I too am not looking forward to these dark early evenings!

  5. I think it is the law to do the two penny slots when at the seaside...x


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