Monday, 6 October 2014

FAL Q3 2014 Results...

I know you want to hear all about the weekend; I want to tell you too, but it feels like my brain is still sat in a traffic jam on the M1 and so please accept my apologies, and settle for this part-prewritten post, before I miss the FAL deadline tonight!

Finish Along 2014

So I posted my list back in July here, and here's how I faired…

1.  Rollover, rollover…

… and it rolls over again, but has moved on a little at least…

2.  Hexie rollover…


3.  Poolside revamp…

… yay, blogged here...

4.  Secret stitching…

… oh yes, revealed here

5.  Name tag, for me!

…success, blogged here and worn, along with my lovely one from Tsoniki all Retreat long…

6.  Another mini-Super Tote…

… go me!  Blogged here

7.  A post-FQR cushion…

…whaddaya know; blogged here

5 out of 7, I thank you!

Linking with Katy, who I waved farewell to only this morning, and it already feels like a week ago!

Weekender report tomorrow, sleep now.


  1. 5/7 aint bad! Missing already...

  2. Pretty good that, well done, way more than i managed :o)

  3. Bet it was a fab w/e! Lovely to see all those again !

  4. Those are pretty good stats for a summer of sunshine. Well done!

  5. The girl did good - love that cushion!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Go you! I've been too slack to even do my FAL post.

  7. Looking good, I am very much a bag lady myself so they would obviously be my favourites. x

  8. Your projects are so beautiful. You are really moving on the medallion which is looking fantastic!


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