Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Obligatory post!

Guess what, someone-else has an Accuquilt Go! Baby to give away!!  This time the lovely Sarah over at FairyfaceDesigns is offering us a chance to win one.

Law of averages says that some day soon I will get the call as the last Go!-less soul, and then Accuquilt will be able to start making money from me by enticing me with dies.  But then I wake up and I am still trying to win one when I am 60!

Tonight I am going to try to sew in a zip... wish me luck!


  1. You and me both :-) I will head on over there now.
    Good luck with the zip, they are my new favourite thing

  2. I gave up last year and got hubby to get me one for The C word! I've only used it once but I'm sure it will be very useful when I get some different dies for it.

  3. You'll be trying one out for sure next year and giving one away to a loyal follower, and I'll cry if it's not me!
    And I'm closer to 60 than you too ;)

  4. one of us has got to win one at some point... lol

  5. Well, ya know, I'd wish you luck, but, err, I'm after it too lol

  6. I am kind of resigned to the fact that I will not be winning one and so am determined to take pleasure in cutting my fabric - who needs a Baby Go!? Okay a lot of you do but I will resist! Haha! Personally I'd rather spend the money on fabric! Mmmm!

  7. Your followers are increasing all the time, I'm sure youll be on accuquilt's radar soon!

  8. I agree, you'll be approached by Accuquilt to give one away soon, mind you, that would be torture, having to have a giveaway but not being able to enter it!
    Good luck with zippy do-dah

  9. Get behind me in the Go! baby line up, please. I want to win one too and you are more likely to be approached by them and just given one. Oh, and good luck with the zip!


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