Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Colour Purple and Others...

Now it will be no surprise to anyone who has been here more than a couple of times that I am a bit of a turquoise freak.  I will pretty much add turquoise or aqua to anything I can; the current Hexie bag for instance, the choices for that were a no-brainer!

But now I think I have another colour to rank along with 'orange' on my 'New favourite colour that if you'd asked me 6 months ago I would have hated' list!

Purple is not one of the colours that I normally consider using when making something for myself.  Twin 1 tends to get purple as an alternative to pink-mad Twin 2, but it has not been 'up there' with the cool kids for me!  I still have the pile of purple Sugar Pop charms left over from these cushions!

However I think this has been rightly challenged by the Ruby Star Spring line - I did have a dilemma in choosing between the Springtime or Nightlite colourways, the green print swayed me... eventually, but there is a lot of purple in the prints I chose!

I decided that my Central Park layer cake would be a good starting place for my Across The Sea fabric selection, and this, as you will no doubt be aware, has lovely purple prints, (and also orange, green and turquoise!!). 

Deciding that I didn't want a mix of the whole palette, I then had a moment of clarity/confusion when I started looking at the two Just Wing It layer cakes I'd safely put aside for November's Brit Bee blocks.  Hmmm...

The Momo has a lot of pink and red in; pink is great, but not what I have in mind for the quilt I want, and red just isn't a colour I like a lot of.  There are good reds, and there are bad reds in my book, and probably only in my crazy mind can a distinction be made between them.  Think 'yes' to Bliss and Sherbet Pips, but 'no no no' to so much more!  There are major flaws in my dislike, red and navy blue, yuk, however, sonny-boy's Cath Kidston cowboy quilt is a really great for example of 'yes yes yes'... but I digress!

I have pulled all the reds and pinks from the Just Wing It, and will no doubt find the perfect project for them in time.

I managed, by combining the 3 layer cakes to meet the fabric requirements for the Across The Sea QAL.  I finally went for this lovely combo of purple and green to go with a Natural Klona background fabric...

... and 72 squares in a pretty pleasing spectrum for the Bee blocks...

I am looking forward to having new colours entering the FB Mansion!

PS.  Fellow Bees, I have sneakily stated elsewhere in blogland what I am intending to put you through in November, look around, you may find it, and having ordered the backing and binding this week, I am getting excited already!  M'wah ha ha ha!!


  1. Just back from holiday and had a quick look through your blog.....love the hexie bag and some great fabrics there too!

  2. You are evil. But I like what I see so far. Gorgeous colours - and for the record, I love purple, reds if they have that tough of blue in them (make sense?), oranges - the brighter and more in your face the better. Not telling you what's in my bee blocks - cause I still don't know. Ha!

  3. Ooh, your taste is impeccable missus, love the combos you've put together. And I'm not even in your bee but now I want to know what blocks you're thinking of!

  4. I love your choice of fabrics for your bee blocks and QAL and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've chosen as your block/idea - if it wasn't nearly my bedtime I'd be off on a hunt!

  5. LOVE the fabrics you've chosen for both the QAL and the Brit Bee! I had been sitting on the fence and trying not to start the QAL but I can't resist! You are a bad influence!!!

  6. I am coveting your fabric......loving that Ruby Star stuff.........of to search..............love purple & green.

  7. Oooh get you, Miss November and the backing and binding is ordered already?!! Looks good so far though, no wonder you're excited :-) I love purple. And Reds. And orange. My head gets turned by pretty much everything really... bit of a colour slut!

  8. Oooh, pretty fabrics (wipes a bit of drool off the keyboard)

  9. Well I've had a good chuckle at your post tonight (just the one glass of wine, ahem!)
    I hadn't really noticed that you're a turquoise freak - either because I'm one too, so view it as perfectly natural; or I live in a bit of a bubble of oblivion.

    I've been secretly stroking my Nightlite colourway of Ruby Star Spring which includes a HUGE piece of bee fabric that is necessary to make me a skirt :)

    I'm struggling to get my Central Park blocks to fit together nicely, and they're teamed with a dark purple solid.
    I love this line so much - and now there's Terrain too!!

    Your bee block fabrics look scrummy and I can't believe how beautiful Just Wing It looks with Central Park (must dig out my little charm pack, he he!)

  10. Oops! I didn't realise that I just wrote a blog post - sorry!

  11. How much fun are hexagons?? I'm more a blue girl, but this is looking gorgeous, love Posie

  12. You're so good with all the names of the fabric lines, I hardly know any, unless I've got a jelly roll or layer cake with it written on the label!

  13. Oh no! Now I'm really worried! Jxo


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