Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Early Years...

When I was young, I would spend hours and hours colouring in the patterns in Galt Pattern Books - they were the most brilliant way to pass the time on a rainy, and probably not so rainy day.

When dear son and I were browsing a toy department last week, I came across one of these nostalgic books.  I didn't buy it and have been kicking myself ever since; I may have to pay Amazon a visit.

Maybe I am now thinking of these patterns with a 'quilter's eye', or perhaps I just fancy doing a bit of colouring-in for old time's sake!


  1. Ooh, I used to love those kinds of books! In fact, I still rather love a bit of colouring in - I have my own set of pens and colouring book that the kids aren't allowed to touch!!

  2. When I was younger, my parents brought 'The Patchwork Cat' by Nicola Bayley... It was the first time I heard about quilts.
    There are other books I wish I still had, but alas I have to blame my mum for clearing them out. But the memories!

  3. They have the same sort of pads in Tescos, let me know if your Tescos don't have them and I'll check ours!

  4. great idea! my favourites were the Richard Scary books, so much colouring!

  5. me and my daughter do still colour them!!xx

  6. I have never seen these books...were they in the US too? Great to be seen through a quilters eye...maybe I will have to hit Amazon up!!

  7. Did you do doodle art posters too?

  8. I would have loved this as a kid and would still love to spend a Saturday coloring in it. I have my eye out now for a copy of my own ;)


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