Saturday, 20 August 2011

Food, family and fabric...

We had our first, and probably only BBQ of the summer today - Mum and Dad came down and we did the whole shebang, including grabbing the plates and heading indoors after a couple of mouthfuls when it began to rain.

Immediately we were re-seated it stopped, obviously, then the sun came out and we ended up with water fights and snoozing in the shade. 

'Chillaxing', as our four year olds like to exclaim, I decided to try some hand stitching embellishment on my hexies, but it didn't look good, so I have binned off that idea.

Even the breakfast cereal is in on the hexie-fun!
I can go no further now until my anticipated lining arrives from the US; I will search out my stash for anything else that may look good; what if I wait, and then what I am thinking of looks pants?  I don't want to be back to square (hexie) one eh!

I have also been playing with the fabrics I have in mind for my Across The Seas QAL and my Bee month - they are a little interchangeable, so I need to make the decision soon.  Water-fights and sunglasses made this a short-lived attempt, so I will be back to it, after this.

Finally the missing pic from yesterday, more goodness from Lizzie...

Hope you've had a happy Saturday too x


  1. Ahh, I'm never terribly good at waiting patiently either, and I need to get some fabric to finish my cushion cover from some of the Japanese fabric swap charms. As it turns out, procrastination may be a good thing here, after discovering another technique that would be fun to throw in!

    Have fun playing with your fabrics, I'm still deciding on mine

  2. I cant wait for your lining fabric to arrive either, I want to see this bag take shape!

  3. I've been playing with fabric all day too for bee blocks and qal. Miss Sept here still does not have a clue!

  4. Oh I love your hexies - your bag is going to look so cool and I await the tut. with anticipation!

  5. The hexi of hexies is great, hope the lining comes soon

  6. I am running low on hexie fabric - my arrangement needs something new!!

    Your bag is going to look great.

  7. Yesterday was lovely here too. A perfect day for a BBQ. Your hexies look great!

  8. I'm also looking forward to your lining fabric arriving - hope it arrives soon as I want to see how your bag turns out! Thanks for the photo of the extra goodies - lovely fabric!

  9. Hexies are fab, and even co-ordinate with your table! Jxo

  10. Hexies are so gorgeous and I can't wait to see your final fabric lineup!


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