Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bee brave...

Yesterday we enjoyed what is becoming an annual family trip to the Spinnaker Tower and Gunwharf Quays; it's less than an hour away, but always seems like a big treat.

There was obligatory glass-floor walking, and looking out to sea, a nice cuppa with a view, then shopping and Pizza Express.

Apologies, my feet look filthy and just a little bit weird!

I came away with a White Stuff skirt and a spotty Cath Kidston rain-mac in the sales, but didn't spend too much, as I was saving myself for the journey home.

A 2 minute detour took us right to The Eternal Maker.  Fancy that!

So the crew remained in the car, whilst I literally made a beeline for the 3 fabrics I wanted, scrumdiddlyumptious Melody Miller, Ruby Star Spring, in the Springtime colourway and some, da da daaah Aurifil thread!

It was a good excuse to catch up with the lovely Anna, recovering slowing from the manic FoQ, and although I could have stayed for hours, the sad little faces in the car made this a mission and no time for browsing, just a birthday voucher and only a teensy bit more spent, honest.

Anyway I didn't drop working Wednesdays from September for nothing - I think I have just filled my calendar with 'things to do and places to go alone'!

The fabrics are destined for the Noodlehead 241 bag which I bought yesterday too - I am yet to decide if I'll use the big bee as the main panel - reaction from the family wasn't even mixed - but I love it!


  1. I loved the glass floor and watching peoples reactions. I am not a fan of heights if I don't feel safe - ie up ladders at work but this was fine for me.

    I've just placed an online order at the Eternal Maker too - lovely online shop but so wish I was closer to the real thing!

    Oh and I bought a white stuff skirt on Saturday when shopping. Which one did you get? Most of their skirts look better on the hangers - on me they they nearly always make me look like a dwarf with a fat bottom and stumpy legs. It was a joy to find one that didn't!

  2. Great choice Hadley - perfect!

  3. The bee rocks! would look great with a purple solid...

    I'm just cutting up a little bit of my Ruby Star Rising purchase, it's luuurveeely :)

  4. Nooooooo, can't do glass floors - ooo err missus I feel sick just thinking about it! (I'm a wuss I admit it!) But hey for the Bee fabric I may just make a special effort :) Love it!

  5. Oooooh I love it... everyone's getting a wee bit.. I think I might have to too. Can I blame you?! x

  6. I've shopped below the tower many times but never been up it. Love White Stuff but do not understand their sizing. I currently have skirts in three different sizes and they all fit. Explain that!

  7. ha ha psychic shopping - I just got my order from Eternal Maker ... same prints! They're gorgeous aren't they?

    Enjoy the aurifil (sounds so rude!)

    I quite like glass floors but my vertigo can suddenly strike so I'd be a bit wary!

    what a fun trip ...

  8. I love that fabric shopping fits in anywhere. Even with sad little puppy faces in the car waiting for you :)

    I love the green background little patterned circle fabric you chose of Melody's. You're going to have a great time with all of the lovely purchases.

  9. Did you have rain at gunn wharf? We had rain all day yesterday :-(. I'm heading that way on Wednesday: mum lives just by Port Solent, and we are finally planning a trip to Eternal Maker, not thet I have much money left after FoQ!

  10. Ooh I need to go to the Eternal Maker and it's not that far from me! It will be my LQS of choice now! Lucky you to get there hope you left some fabrics for me!

  11. Yummy fabric! I'm interested to hear what you think about the Aurifil thread - is that the piecing weight? I have to confess that I'm not keen on the bee - I'd have to cut it up to be able to use it! I can still remember my first day at school - my peg had a picture of a bee on it and my mam had to ask the teacher to change it...that didn't go down well (she wasn't a particularly nice teacher!) but there was no way I was hanging my coat under a bee!! I also had no idea what White Stuff was...after a quick look at their site I love their stuff but the nearest shop is over an hour away so I won't be going any time soon!

  12. Looks like a lovely day! I love those glass floor things, its like the skywalk at the grand canyon. Epic!

    I feel a bit left out of the whole ruby spring thing... I might have to join in :-)

  13. urrr - I feel sick looking down through the glass floor!
    love the fabric

  14. John Merrick would be proud of those feet!! Lovely fabrics! Jxo

  15. I think you are my virtual twin, lol! I am dropping Wednesdays from September too :-) Happy days for us both. Plus, I love Pizza Express with the kids, its great. And I love those fabrics.....looooove them!

  16. perfect perfect perfect fabric for the 241 bag! and the glass walking kinda freaks me out. was it scary?


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