Thursday, 25 August 2011

A demanding wife...

Not me! (Dear husband, if you leave a comment, I will delete it!).

Not satisfied with just 4 blocks, I made 4 more...

As you can tell, I am using a rather limited palette, I may venture further afield, but I'm not sure yet.

Here we have Northern Lights...

Friendship Star...

Churn Dash (I love this one, even though there was a little seam-ripping action)...

and Contrary Wife...

I forgot to fussy-cut this one on point, but I am not too worried with the scale of things to come.

So far I am not using the templates, there are a nice number of blocks that my mental arithmetic can cope with; once I leave this simple territory, I will be relying on the FWQAL group for assistance for sure!

These were photographed in a rush, I drew the curtain to stop the shadows, and was confronted by the biggest spider ever, (arachnosaurus rex), I was not touching that curtain again nor stopping long for anything until hubby got home!


  1. Ooooh! Purty :-) Churn dash is one of my favourite's of all the FWQAL blocks.

  2. Wow you are doing well on these. I saw a flicker of your back ground fabric on one of them. Should be lovely when it's done!

  3. Hey, I told you she was a tyrant! But you are holding your own, beautifully! Sure that's not a spider, oh no, it's only some threads! LOL!

  4. You are approaching the farmer the same way I did. The easy way. Works for me and seems to be working for you! Expect you will have made more blocks than me soon. Especially as I will be paddling on the beaches of the IoW all week (she says with fingers crossed for the weather to cooperate).

  5. Cute blocks. Last week I put my leg into my jeans and a humongous spider toddled out the end of the trouser leg & ran across the bedroom floor! Shudder! Jxo

  6. Great blocks! It is that spider season. The other night I was sat on the sofa and one ran in across the carpet towards me and just stopped. I was convinced that if I tried to walk past it it would run up my leg. I can't kill the things so I grabbed a nearby bottle of room and linen spray and spritzed it into submission. On the plus side for the spider it must be the nicest smelling one for miles around ;-)

  7. Lovely blocks, but you shoulda got a pic of the spider - I'd love to see what an arachnosaurus rex looks like!!

  8. Your farmer's wife blocks are looking great! The spiders have started creeping into my house too. They always do at this time of year :(

  9. Ignore Sarah, we don't want to see a photo...or if there is one I'd like a warning in the title of the post!! I always suck spiders up with the hoover - it's like a fatal spider version of the waltzers!! (My friend recently had a curtain critter event - she closed her curtains and a mouse fell on her shoulder - she phoned in hysterics and I was her long distance support as she searched for it!!) Love the blocks, especially the churn dash.

  10. Your blocks are lovely. I wouldn't worry about non-pointed fussy cutting. With the gazillion other blocks you're going to make, that's just a minor detail ;)

  11. Ooh lovely blocks - great fabrics!

  12. OMG I wish I hadn't read Helen's comments..........plastic box and lid for spider control..........meanwhile Had, your blocks are looking fab, I am interested to see you r coping without templates, that has put me off FW all along.


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