Thursday 22 May 2014

End of an era...

Today was the last KS1 school disco that any of us will attend - all three kiddos will be in KS2 by the next one and my future as a 'crisp lady' is currently uncertain - I'll let you know in October!

Other crisps are available!
That's 9 discos and who knows how many flavour options I have given the under-8s in the last 3 years, it feels like thousands, and way more than just the 9 hours that I'll never see again!

You will have to excuse the lack of photos as promised from yesterday, the ten minutes I was home between work and school was a washout, and my brain was a bit too frazzled when we got back, in fact, it still is!

So I may as well link this selection of unhealthy snacks with Cindy and the other Randomeers, and head for an early night; oh roll on half term!


  1. you could always send me some crisps, if you feel a bit lost ;-)

  2. What no pickled onion flavour?

  3. Noooo!! No more crisp laydee!!!

  4. I actually had to hide at the achievement assembly today when I welled up and started crying because I realised it was probably the second to last one I would attend!

  5. time to ease yourself out of school discos - awful things!

  6. I think you've done your duty as crisp lady. Maybe it's time to move onto 'sick bucket on school trips' or 'getting damp children back into uniform after swimming' duty...

  7. Here's a useless fact : did you know that whatever the expiry date on Walkers crisps is, it is always a Saturday

  8. I also found the leaving of primary school was really hard. My youngest's first day at grammar school, I sobbed the whole home, and the whole way back to pick her up again. Pathetic I know. Enjoy those last halcyon days


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