Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tick, tick, tick...

Apologies if I sent any of you mothers of Primary-age children into a World Book Day panic yesterday; I am trying to stay one step ahead of the game right now, as time, swapped days off and other commitments mean that today was my only guaranteed sewing day before next Thursday's dressing up.

So I bloody well got on with it...

I just have a turban to sculpt from the sheet off-cuts and a de-peaked baseball cap and my work is done.

The kids are all happy, which makes me happy; pictures to follow of the full regalia next week xxx


  1. No....not good...your an awesome mum, and I'm sure that the kids appreciate it, if not now...when their older....

  2. I'm positive my mum would have had a meltdown if this had existed in my day lol

  3. Oh no I had forgotten about this! I had better get thinking before I have 2 sobbing children telling me that it's all my fault...

  4. Feeling relieved that this isn't coming my way this year. (least I hope not) You are amazing creating 3 costumes in such a short time.

  5. I hate wbd! We also have to dress a potato as a book character *reaches for the gin*

  6. I've never heard of this. Thank god it didn't exist when my children were small!

  7. Well done ! Better than Lisa telling me at 7:30 on the day that she needed a pippi longstocking outfit !!!!


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