Thursday, 6 February 2014

Excuses excuses...

I was going to come up with some big excuse, along the lines of helping a friend; a pregnant friend who just doesn't have enough room in her house, what with the stomach 'n' all, and she really needed me to take some of the fabric off her hands to make her life, and that of her family more comfortable...

... but you wouldn't believe me!

You never know though, you could avail yourself too, 40% off Liberty, this is not any old fabric folks; help a friend in need, and tell your husbands, partners, gullible acquaintances, and feel like you have done a good thing too.

There has been sewing though, definitely stitching up more than I have bought, pictorial evidence to follow tomorrow xxx


  1. *puts fingers in ears* La, la, la, I can't hear you!

  2. Ha ha I also succumbed today! It had been sitting in my etsy basket for a couple of days gently whispering (40% off) and eventually I just had to do it. And like you say, it was just to help out a poor pregnant lady drowning in lovely Liberty....

  3. You're just so selfless......x

  4. Grrr, I really didn't need that temptation...!

  5. I'm still resisting but it is hard. You made excellent choices.

  6. More folks should follow your selfless example..

  7. You are such a selfless friend. ;)
    Di x


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