Friday, 24 January 2014

As if by magic...

Harry Potter II cushion is complete...

I went with his feminine side for the back, a nice scrap of Joel Dewberry Gryffindor-esque home dec, as this little fella is heading off to Justine's daughter, she's a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic, understatement!

He ended up with a new pair of specs the morning after the originals were stitched; they were framed with 3 strands of floss, but I went for the full 6, because they were looking a little too feeble.

So I have a FAL finish, and something to add to Sarah's Put Your Scraps To Work linky at the end of the month.  Super x


  1. I love Harry Potter (the books are best in my opinion) and I love your cushion! What a lucky girl it's unique and perfect :-)

  2. Another fabulous HP cushion - H will adore it, I'm sure!

  3. Love it Hadley, so funny and clever!!

  4. This pillow design is a total crack-up!

  5. Och, his glasses were always breaking anyway, they couldn't have been that sturdy ;o)

  6. He's looking fab once again! Good to know he's going to a home where he'll be loved!


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