Saturday, 19 October 2013

All kinds of good...

Yesterday I got the 'OK' to rant and rave about the full collection of Dear Stella's Hadley.  It is beautiful; the official photos are so much better at showing off the colours than I'll ever achieve on this grey old day.

I had already cut into some of the fabrics; I was lucky enough to be sent yardage of all the prints a couple of weeks ago, but I got on with cutting the rest and started sewing last night.  I will go into the whys and wherefores of the pattern I chose when it is finished and I present the grand reveal; this morning I finished the top!

To say I am thrilled to bits with how it is looking so far, is an understatement.  The rainy-day backlit photo does it no justice whatsoever, but I wanted to give you a peek at the loveliness to come because I am just so happy with it.

In making the quilt top, rulers were hurt though! 

Fortunately the lovely old-lady sewing shop in the village came to the rescue - I picked up a new Sewline 12.5" square for £17, which is not only a total bargain, but meant it was in my hands instantly; no postal delay, unlike the bloody stuffing!

What I did receive through the mail instead were Cindy's blocks for my LV Stitch Tease Scrap Vomit...

Lovely, fresh from the envelope, creases n' all, oops, sorry!

I also nipped out in the rain and delivered the bunting to my friend's new house and received the grand tour; it's a beautiful place.

And and and...

... I may have made a hotel reservation already!


  1. Ooh thanks for the FQR heads up. I think the outer border in that range would make a lovely dress.

  2. How nice of them to make a whole fabric line just for you!

  3. Aww, you're all over, err, yourself! No FQR for me next year, it's right before the Commonwealths

  4. Fabulous Hadley. I saw the Fqr date too-thought at first I had my centre PARC's weekend booked for same weekend, but thankfully not!

  5. Lovely top, shws the fabrics perfectly! Again FQR is right at the end if school term, grrrr,!! D'you think it would be ok to come upon Saturday night to meet up with some?

  6. I love the design and how lovely to have a line named after you!

  7. Ditto to Charlotte and lovely quilt top - all my favourite colours. Can't wait for the reveal. Sorely tempted by FQR again......might need to persuade the hubby though!

  8. Now I am truly envious...I want a fabric line named after me. Lovely bee blocks from Cindy. Does that complete your round?


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