Saturday, 28 July 2012


Well I had lovely things to show you today, all set up in my MacBook, but this morning I have the 'Question Mark Folder of Doom'; so whilst dear hubby works his computer wizardry, there may be a break in transmission.

I can do various things from my iPad, but I have not set up Mail, so I will not be answering anything that way, and blogging is not much fun when you are in a BAD MOOD!

Hopefully I will back up and running soon xxx


  1. All the action is at Box Hill today! Maybe that will cheer you up!

  2. Oh dear - I hope you've got some sunshine to enjoy...

  3. Grrrr to computer fuggles.
    Hoping that I have fixed my temporary *no-reply* blip. Thanks so much for letting me know about it Hadley
    Hope yours gets fixed asap.

  4. technology sometimes sucks.... just took me 30mins to log on to hotels internet!!!

  5. You goof, set up the mail on your ipad, it is not hard. And go and enjoy the olympics and the summer and have a big glass of wine and maybe you will feel better.

  6. Technology is great when it works! Hope your day improves soon and hubby is a miracle man!

  7. I'm saying nuffink about dodgy Macs, not one little bit...

    PS, if my gran can get mail on her iPad at 87, I'm sure you can manage it ;o)

  8. Oh flip! Glad you have a husband who can do these things. Have a great Sunday :)

  9. I figured out how to blog from my smarty pants phone - no mean feat.
    It sure was nice to come home to my laptop though. My fingers sometimes were too fat for the smart phone.
    I hereby give you permission to skip one day.

  10. Means more time with a needle surely..... :-)

  11. Totally empathise my lovely. Leanne`s advice sounds good.


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