Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It was sunny for about 3 minutes!

Sports Day was, and shall remain, cancelled this year due to a water-logged playing field; I have mixed feelings about that. 

Mum's quilt is all sandwiched but 'unstuck', so if the sun doesn't come out by Saturday afternoon it'll be 'pins' for me. 

However, before I got completely drenched waiting in the playground, I managed to snap a few pictures outside...

I have made the latest Mystery block, Clay's Choice, and as my 'stripe' love is waning, I swapped the colours around a bit so that I only had four squares to contend with.  I am rather pleased at how my centre point came together, and logging a lot of tips and techniques for when I finally start to chase those Farmer's Wives about!

The whole lot are looking quite good together though...

Whether there is any scope for sashing between the blocks, only Sheila knows.  I am thinking/hoping/pondering some skinny white strips to define the blocks and stop the yellow fever getting too much... time (and Sheila) will tell!

I am relieved to report that my needle case has now arrived safely in the Netherlands to a warm reception from my partner Wendy; she makes such awesome stuff, and has an etsy shop to boot, so I was just a bit anxious that my first attempt was not going to be up to standard, but I appear to have worried unnecessarily; phew.

See folks, I made it to the end without mentioning the giveaway!


  1. Sun is overated. Really. It's been sunny here since February and you can get too much of it ;-) A bit sad about sports day though...egg and spoon (or is that too competative these days?) can't be much fun in a waterlogged field. Blocks are looking great. White sashing sounds excellent! Hope you get your mum's quilt finished.

  2. Blocks look great, love how the hop dot really stands out. Kids these days... I remember plenty of soggy and miserable Sports Days... mind you the "miserable" was always there no matter the weather. Until I started stayin at home that day ;-)

  3. It's summer in England. Why are you expecting sunshine? The blocks look terrific.

  4. Love seeing your blocks all together - sashing? I could tell you but then........

  5. I definitely think you're gonna need sashing! A deep, muted tone might bring some balance to the zingy blocks. Actually the colour of your picnic table goes alarmingly well with them!

    Don't even mention the weather - I'm sooooo grumpy pants at the mo! Jxo

  6. We had about 3 minutes of rain and were thrilled. We've ALL sun for way too long!

  7. Your blocks are very pretty and I think your idea of a white sashing is a great one!

  8. looking great! Yes I think I noticed it stopped raining for about 3 mins

  9. The blocks look so good all together like that, I'm intrigued to see the final result! And do you mean you don't love this incessant rain and miserable grey weather...?!


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