Monday, 26 July 2010

What I want...

Popped to town with dear son this morning (it's the holidays - yippee) to buy backing (big success - red/white stripes) and wadding, but all those eager weekend shoppers have gone and bought it all! I have only stitched the strips together so far, but will have to find something else to occupy me before the next delivery.

I had some eBay successes over the weekend, an American Jane Pindot and a couple of Kona solids charm packs should be winging their way to my door very soon. Being new to all this, I am completely jealous that American quilters have the most fantastic array of fabrics, and here it seems the fabrics of choice are mostly old fashioned (in a bad way) or extortionately expensive :(

What I want...

What I find...

Good news though on the sock front - I got a 5 pack (enough for one each!) half price this morning - fun stripes, cotton-rich and going to look fabulous as monkeys!

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