Thursday, 19 June 2014

Random emotions...

One little twinnie practicing her expressions for when she hears the England result in the morning...

Whilst the other is suffering mixed feelings, the joy of having a frog/toad inhabiting the top of the sandpit, and later, his older and somewhat more dried out brother found in the grass...

Right, I have the Siblings quilt all ready, again, and a football match to watch; the amount of binding stitched down will be directly proportional to the excitement of the game.  I'm hoping for a win win.

Linking up today's after-school randomness with Cindy et al.


  1. Poor Mr Frog. He's missed out in the football.

  2. Hope your binding is better than the football!

  3. Good luck with the binding -- hope it goes better than the game did!

  4. Hope the binding was more successful!

  5. So, err, which one was happy this morning?

  6. Wasn't there a footbsll sing about England's coming home ?

  7. Soccer/futbol has sucked me in too. Go USA. Sorry about mr. Frog


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