Sunday, 22 June 2014


The untrustworthy MacBook is booked in to see a genius on Thursday, I am hoping my birthday wish comes true with that one!

So the only book I'm enjoying right now is a proper one...

I feel a bit of binding coming on though this evening.

Apologies for my lack of replies and comments right now, I'm too fed up to do all that one-finger iPad typing right now, grrrr!  xxx


  1. I need this book! is it funny or scary?

  2. Another appointment with the Apple shop? You must be so sick of going there with your MacBook in tow!!

  3. I'm so scared that book has actually become applicable to my world. Save me! How do you like it?

  4. Has he written a turned 50 version? Menopause , memory loss, weight gain, grey hair, granny hairs on the chin, ... All downhill!!!! (Feeling fed up, roll on summer hols. !)


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