Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Round Two... Sports Week

KS1 Sports Day - it honestly couldn't have been hotter, or longer...

KS2 tomorrow - woo hoo!

PS. I have finished my Siblings quilt - it needs a wash, tumble and photoshoot, then I will show you.

PPS.  Exhaust pipe welded back onto the car for less than £30, bonus ;)


  1. Oh, how I don't miss sports day! I used to love the practices but not the actual event - trying to get (some, but always the same!) parents to understand that standing on the track or waiting right on the finish line wasn't actually helpful was harder than keeping 90+ children organised. Special mention must go to the parents who insisted on smoking or swearing, not to mention the stray toddlers who used to run in front of the Y2 'fast boys' race...what a joy! Hope the girls got some lovely stickers and no one got sun burn!!

  2. Unlike Helen I do not miss sports day. I am sure the time will come when I do but it hasn't happened yet. Probably because the last two I attended were such a pathetic fiasco.

  3. god, it's INTERMINABLE! I pity you.

  4. Limbo there? My mother, the teacher, never came to mine, and being a senior school teacher never had to put up with them either. So, um, just a few years to go...


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