Monday, 9 June 2014

I did some sewing too!

Firstly, thank you all again for the kind words and encouragement that you have given the young stitcher over the past couple of days - he is so proud of what he has achieved, the cushion has a tour of show and tell venues all lined up, Cubs, school, my parents and pride of place on his bed.

Surprisingly I was able to have a go on my sewing machine too over the weekend, and have a quite a few bits to show you over the next couple of days.

For starters, a couple of blocks for Bee Blessed...

... they were nice and quick(ish).

I also added the next sections to Jo's Brit Bee Medallion, but as secrecy prevails, here's some doctored proof...

I also made my real partner's FQR name tag, and popped it in the post today - so hopefully I will be able to show you that midweek.

I am slowly ticking off my To Do list for June and feeling like the pressure is off a bit... I am just building up my stamina for basting and quilting my Siblings Together quilt.  Soon, I promise, soon xxx


  1. Is your nametag partner Slim Shady? ;o) Glad you were able to get some needle time in too

  2. LOVE the bow ties! Thank you! Jxo

  3. Glad your pressure is easing off , mine looks to be building between now and the end if term - boss sent me a priority email yesterday - five important projects to be done by Wednesday - each about half a day, (so a working day for me) oh and of course the usual day to day registers /lunches / teachers problems / children's problems parents problems - one job got done yesterday, let's see who backs down today! Coz I want to make some if those blocks, they look great! X

  4. Don't encourage him too much, you don't want to fighting over the machine ;)

  5. You're flying through that monthly to-do list! Loved the Bee Blessed blocks. They came together quite quickly and look fab!

  6. Surprised you had time on the machine - surely he needs the quilt now!?


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