Friday, 6 June 2014

Twit T'woo...

Today I am thanking my lovely super talented friend Sarah for the newest addition to the FB family...

I've decided (s)he needs to come to work with me already, and act as a constant reminder that, away from my desk, I do actually have a life!!

You may remember that I made Sarah a name tag recently for FQR 14; this is my reward!  There was beautiful wrapping and everything, but I was too eager and that part missed the photo-call, sorry.

Thanks again my friend, it's perfect xxx

Have a great weekend everyone - there should be some Creeper stitching going on round here, so wish me luck!


  1. Love this mini. Hang it with pride and work colleagues who ask about it, just smile enigmatically.

  2. Brilliant! And a fun work companion!

  3. The tax office will never be the same again...

  4. This is wonderful. Sewing friends are the best. x

  5. So glad you like it!! And I think taking it to work is a fab idea, to remind you who you REALLY are!!!

  6. Goregous mini - private swaps (of the quilty kind *ahem*) are great fun.


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