Saturday, 28 June 2014

Shopping Spree...

I have been on a birthday-fuelled shopping spree of late, both online ℅ a Village Haberdashey gift certificate coupled with the sale discount, means lots of lovelies coming my way soon, and today was actual, in-the-shop time, and the shop in question being John Lewis.

I was incredibly restrained, well after the new HD, everything is going to be restrained for a while, but I took advantage of their sale, and came home with this little selection…

Wide home dec cotton/linen @£3.50/m, one meter then please, a little Tula Pink, and a gorgeous sliver of a Hemingway Design print, plus some needles and pins so I don't show myself up at Retreat with my usual collection of bent and random sharps!

And whilst hubby and I avoided the rain at Bluewater, the kids were entertaining the Grands…

Good day all round x


  1. I love birthdays that keep on going for days. And craned parents who take on the kids to allow this.

  2. Great day! Love the fabric and you can't beat grandparents and bubbles :)

  3. Belated hippo bathday, I make my weird substrates into bags, I'm glad I never have to do sports day, and great haul (I was looking at my pins the other day and struggling to find a straight one, perhaps its time for some new ones...)

  4. Good to get time off for good behaviour, with the hubby, and everyone clearly had fun, so that is good too!

  5. Great haul, is that a raccoon? Love it, glad you had a good extended birthday x

  6. Can't go wrong with Tula Pink. x

  7. June birthdays are just the best:)

  8. happy belated birthday, love the tula pink x


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