Friday, 27 June 2014

What do you do with yours?

I now have quite the collection of Spooflower free samples, and today's, a performance polyester if memory serves me correctly, is another fun beauty…

I will use this, just like a previous polyester-type affair as a glasses cleaner...

I was just wondering what else I may be able to do with these sweet samples; what do you use your wacky substrates for?


  1. OOh, how do you get free samples? Cute print too! x

  2. Missed out on that one! Did get a faux suede a couple of weeks ago though!

  3. That's a lovely glasses cleaner! I don't do anything with my samples as I don't get them so if you ever want me to order on your behalf, just shout!

  4. I have only had Spoonflower freebies when they did that FQ one.

  5. I used one here: http://runningwithrocket.blogspot.com/2012/11/smart-charging-pocket.html
    Cute little phone cord organizer project that took a whopping 20 minutes to complete.
    I just got the Suede sample which I am petting for now while it soaks into my subconscience filing system.

    You could organize a spoonflower sample swap. Except I really like mine. Not sharing.

  6. I really should read my spoonflower emails better!

  7. I have only had one wacky substrate from spoonflower and it was so wacky I didn't know what to do with it so haven't tried any other of their freebies since. Glass cloth is such a fab idea though!

  8. Huh. Haven't had a sampler yet, so no suggestions for you. I am starting to wonder what to do with all of these Love Patchwork & Quilting freebies. Must have a massive giveaway when my shoebox is full.

  9. Ooh where do you get the codes for these freebies? Prettiness!


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