Saturday, 14 June 2014

Mixed bag...

Today started at about 2.30am with torrential thunderstorms and has continued to be hot and stormy all day, so I am trying my hardest to stay awake for the England game tonight.  I have some threads to sort out in the meantime...

... but the binding will have to wait for an earlier, brighter game.

Those are my FQR2014 tote bags for the sample swap - I will tell you the full horror/joy of making them once they are finished.

I have also stitched up a boxy pouch for a sweet friend this evening, but no pics of that I'm afraid.

Dear husband has a handmade-free Father's Day to look forward to, and as we are out to lunch, it will probably be a sewing-free day too.  There's a huge pile of ironing with my name on though, dammit xxx


  1. Hmm, might have been better going for the sleep!

  2. Is there any football at the moment? :-). Hope you slept ok, today looks cooler x

  3. Boo to the ironing. Have a lovely day

  4. Glad I didn't stay up last night! Enjoy today! Jxo

  5. Leave the ironing and catch up on sleep. I went to bed on Friday really needing a good sleep as I'd been unwell in the day. We then had over 3 hours of violent storms to keep me awake grrrr.

  6. Hate ironing... but you have brownies in your house... when can they be trained to do it for you??

  7. Ah ironing! My basket overflow etch from last summer. I think I should make myself iron one piece e
    For every hour that I am sewing. Can't wait to see those tote bags finished.


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