Friday, 8 April 2011

An ill wind...

Poorly son had to be picked up from school at lunchtime, so I got to knock work on the head for the Easter holidays a half hour early, and later on that meant no school run.  So making the most of this 'summer's day', I was able to fling all the windows open, get all the washing done and hung on the line and then get a little busy with the sewing machine.  (He is feeling a little better now).

So may I present, BlindBobSquarePants - OK it's not absolutely perfect, but I am really pleased with how this has turned out...

What shall I do with it now!?  Please do not say 'make more'!


  1. Very pretty. I like the way it turned out too. I say relax with a cup of tea (or coffee whichever you prefer)and a book. Or take a relaxing bath.


  2. How big is it? Big enough for a cot blanket? With a border could it be a picnic cloth? Or lots of Borders, a picnic blanket? It's too pretty to stay as a UFO!

  3. So pretty! Love the pic too, so sunny! How big is it? You could make a cushion cover from it depending on size - a big floor cushion type thing, I have a few and they're lovely. Or I second the picnic blanket suggestion!

  4. Umm.. that'll be the trick photography then - it's only about 13" square! You've made me want to make a big one though!

  5. Ha ha, I looked at this beautiful block and was so inspired that I thought "ooh, perhaps I could use this for the naked bed challenge!" I'd probably need 60+ of them. Easily doable in 7 weeks?!!!!

    Um, how about add a little border and make a lovely cushion :)

  6. I think a cute wall hanging. You could add a border to help it grow out a little, something nice to look at perhaps in your sewing nook?

    Hope the little man is feeling better now - enjoy your Easter break!

  7. It looks lovely and would be great as a cushion cover: put a big border round it and you have a great big cushion to take out in to the garden for these lovely hot days!


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