Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A little more presentable...

This morning I went to the school Easter assembly, lots of happy hymns and smiling children.  It also meant I had to wait for 30 minutes between drop off and kick off, so I got to do some HUG in the car!

Having a second look at the mangled mess that was my HST experiment , I twigged that I had actually been sewing and pressing 1/8" seams instead of 1/4" doh!  I am going to blame that for the complete fiddly-fiasco that I ended up with.  I will try again another day and may well attempt some of the alternative methods you, my trusty confidants have suggested, thank you.

So the quick 5 minute scrap trial tonight was this 'little beauty'...

It worked first time!  Even I could have mucked this up, so I am happy.  A definite-maybe for the project.


  1. love that flower fabric. Hope you do try again. it can get so frustrating at times!
    AND you did get to hug in the car. xx

  2. I'm doing the two fabric tessalated rail fence with the two groups I'm teaching, I love the way it looks so complicated but is easy (when you get your seams right!!). They are all doing theirs by hand, and we only meet once a month, so all a bit plodding! I love your fabrics


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