Saturday, 16 April 2011

My family and other animals...

Today we went to down on the farm!  It was a real bonus to be able to take the family out to have fun and be able to looks at quilts, eat cake and buy lovely things! 

The majority of the quilts and activities were in a huge barn, but there were plenty of things to look at outside including a treasure hunt, a walk through the bluebell woods and alpacas!

Cakes on quilts - it doesn't get much better than this!!

Bet you can't spot the cement mixer!

Feeling brave... the pony, not the girls!

I got to have a quick chat with Mandy, whose union jack quilt pattern is sitting in my 'to do' pile awaiting the perfect fabric, and she signed a copy of her new book for me too.

The quilts were predominantly traditional in style and colour, not the 'modern bright stuff' that Mandy described mine as, but I have committed some ideas to memory and film!  It's always good to see things that perhaps I wouldn't ever make, but still inspire me to do more.

Oh did I mention the shopping?  Only 4 FQs, two Hideaway, an Amy Butler Soul Blossoms and a mystery, does anyone recognise the second one down?

If you get the chance tomorrow I definitely recommend it!  Thank you Mandy and your team for organising such a lovely day out.


  1. It looks so good - wish i could make it. Love the pictures...i am not sucking up i promise but i prefer you bright quilts! - great fabric.

  2. You lucky thing! At least Sandown is coming up soon, so I can go there

  3. That looked like a brill day out!

  4. I recognise that paper bag, the owl and sewing cat! There's one in Eastbourne and I totally spoilt myself there a couple of weeks ago!

  5. I enjoyed the tour of the farm .....

  6. Oooo - I am so jealous, looks like a fab day out, and those bluebells look amazing too


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