Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another constructive day!

I really am getting too used to mornings off work, sunshine and children old enough to entertain themselves for long enough to let me do my thang!

So, 4 more little scrappy blocks in dark pink, red and orange.

Aneela was right, these are addictive.  I have a horrible feeling that I will end up buying fabric to make more and more, which really isn't the idea!

Lynne also gave her blessing to get on with the sashing around the dresden.  I duly got mine stitched and hung on the line for a photo-call!

I added a little extra to the right-hand border.  This edge was destined to have two joining seams as I am just using scraps and leftovers for the front of the block.  So not quite enough to go round and a little dilemma.  Rather than leave it looking a little like I had run out of fabric, I stitched up a colourful little block from the last of the teensy offcuts, which may just look daft, but I like it!

Look out for my next post - there may be something in it for you!


  1. Loving those scrappy blocks.

  2. Your scrappy blocks are fab! I'm v.tempted to join in but am fast approaching overload at the mo! Oh this craft is soooo addictive! Jxo

  3. Your scrappy blocks are super. I also love what you have done in the Dresden border - as I always say "it's patchwork!"

  4. Love your Dresden block it's just fab! So fresh and I like the little extra border block! The scrappy blocks are great too :-)

  5. I love the scrappy orange blocks, they look so warm!!

  6. *I shouldn't have looked at the scrappy blocks!* Super cute!
    Your dresden block looks great and the little extra is the perfect finishing touch :)

  7. my oh my you're flying on that rocket cycle all right! (and not so blindly!)

    Love the scrappy blocks and your Lily's QAL dresden is mighty fine ... I love the little scrappy block!

  8. Blimey, I need to get a wriggle on with my dresden, I haven't even done the centre circle yet! Yours looks great!

  9. Love the way the Dresden came out. The green/blues against the white is very beautiful. And I am loving the combo of the darker pinks and orange

  10. Lovely work.
    The dresden is gorgeous.

  11. The scrappy blocks look fun and I love your dresden. The little block in the sashing is a brilliant idea.
    The pieces I used for outer sashing were a bit too short, so I added some pieces of fabrics from my dresden leaves. Your block was a big inspiration for me, I hope you don't mind.


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