Friday, 29 April 2011

Spreading the love!

Well it wouldn't be a celebration without a quick GIVEAWAY!

OK, so this isn't the biggest giveaway in the world, and in no way as good as Sarah's, but would you like a chance to get your hands on this little token of Great Britishness, some thread, a tape measure and sweeties?

Just leave me a comment with your Royal Wedding Guest name, and I will pick a winner tomorrow morning at 9am BST, so all my friends on the other side of the world will get a chance too. 

(I will let Mr Random Number Generator pick, but I can't promise I'll be able to number my comments on screen, it looks very complicated!)

Good luck, and have a lovely day!  All the best, Lady Betty Basil-Sunningvale x


  1. Lady Patricia Whotsit-Weymede! Are you doing anything for today? Our lane is a dead-end; we've had the bunting up for a week, the gazebos are going up this morning, I collected 300 bread rolls, and the farm have gazillions of sausages, burgers, chicken wings and lamb chops waiting to be collected ... About 125 of us for an afternoon & evening street party with a band and a bouncy castle! I'm almost impatient for the wedding to be over so we can start!

  2. we are of to the mother in laws. and i will be wearing my name badge... Lady Ivy Henrietta Regency. escorting me is Lord william sandy Brambletime. have a great day! x

  3. Oooh I think Karma means I should win this - I'm sending something out so should get it back ;-))) Happy royal wedding day, is it true it's a national holiday over there today? If I were to attend it would be as Lady Brigid Rusty Oldgrange. Weird, I know, lol!!

  4. Hello, nice to meet you (in my best posh English voice!) My name is Lady Amelia Minton-Holly

  5. My royal name would be: Lady Bertha Roxy Ross! Pleased to meet you (large curtsy). Thanks for the giveaway. gougeonathome@charter.net (Allison)

  6. Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Lady Phyllis Kathryn the Fourteenth!!

  7. Just returned from the Abbey!
    Spiffing do!!
    Lady Louisa Bella-frampton

  8. Mine is just so not posh - Lady Evelyn Geordie Montcalm. Think my Geordie roots do it in, but I wouldn't trade them for the world and Geordie was also a gorgeous golden retriever from my childhood so I am what I am!

  9. Lady Beatrice Bonnie-Ferry here, have thoroughly enjoyed all the excitement today. Wasn't she beautiful?

  10. That's a great giveaway!! And since you are Betty I'd better go to my other Gran.

    best regards,
    Lady Alexina Lucy Branshill.

  11. Thanks again for the lovely prizes!! I promise to open the package while drinking tea!


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