Monday, 4 April 2011

In need of Inspiration...

I have ordered some lovely fabric recently, and am in need of serious inspiration for what to make with it.  This evening I played with some HSTs for the first time, and the resultant mini-block is so scrappy with a silent 's' that I am not even going to post a picture!

I love the look of the Kathy Doughty's Cowboy Baby quilt, and it is currently top of my list.  Hence my attempt at triangulation!

Material Obsession - Cowboy Baby
 I think my mistake was working with 2" squares, stitching and cutting in two - my sausage fingers weren't up the all those fiddly minuscule points - note to self, sometimes big is obviously better!

I also need to perfect my pressing, especially when working with white cotton - a new ironing board cover and a clean cloth are definitely the order of the day.


  1. I'm not a fan of hst blocks, certainly not the diagonal line, two lines of stitching, and cut down the middle sort. I like the two strips stitched into a tube then cut method, and also the two squares stitched together and cut on both diagonals, but have found the strips to be more accurate. I've put a clean White towel onto my ironing board...SO much better :-)

  2. big is often better its true... love the quilt - are you going to make it?.... xx

  3. Oh yeah...I'm with ya on the ironing cover. Mine is a bit ratty. And I'm currently a believer in bigger is better.

  4. I'm with Benta (first comment).... I use the Wonder-cut ruler and that uses the method of sewing strips together then cutting them into triangles - open them up to reveal lovely HST's that can be trimmed down to your perfect size.... I always make my strips larger than required as HST's are much better when you start big and trim to size. Pressing seams open seems to work and pinning precisely - I stab a pin right through the point where the centre must match and only remove it when I get right up to it when sewing the seam.

    Hope this helps:-)

  5. I've made a Pirate version of this quilt and was wondering how to quilt it.....then I find that you have a link to the whole book here....how did I not know that you could read this and other books on-line.....I feel such a doughnut....I have learnt something new today....thanks :o)


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