Monday, 11 April 2011

BlindBob and his rotund friend!

Last night I enhanced BlindBob with a jacket to make him bigger, better and complete, and I actually got the outer circle stitched onto the dresden.

I followed Lynne's instructions properly, fully and completely; and guess what - it turned out great first time with no unpicking or puckering!  The girl's a genius!

You can't really see from the picture, but the inner and outer circles are cream with white spots - I was torn between this and the Wild Thyme, however the deciding factor was not being confident to keep the pattern lined up with the segments that I wanted at the top - so spots it was!

Afterwards I was a little lost without the HUG - I realised that I had been working on it since the first week we moved into the house, so I've never had an evening here where I just sat in front of the TV and watched!  So I pulled out my Cath Kidston 'Stitch' and started a little Stanley!

Thank you all for your lovely messages about the completed masterpiece - you should all have a go  - it's addictive and despite the odd bit of miscounting, pretty foolproof.  I am looking forward to getting the KISS started, buying some yummy backing and pompoms and making them into cushions!

PS. It's the Easter holidays - yay!!


  1. I haven't cross stitched in years (about ten!) but after seeing your hugs I was sorely tempted. And now you say there's a kiss, too!! *swoon* They would make amazing bolster cushions.

  2. Your Blind Bob & HST blocks are mega funky - love em

    ... I'm going to be attacking mine with a bit of gusto today ...

  3. I know what you mean about addictive - i am finding it hard to knit my royal family as i want to cross stitch!
    i am so pleased that it all went well this time. they truely look fabulous.

  4. I LOVE the cream dots! It is just subtle enough that the rest of the colors just POP right out at you. Very pretty!!


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