Saturday, 9 April 2011

Good and not so good...

Well a bit of a disturbed night with poor son keeping a temperature, including being inconsolable that he had broken the Tardis, not his toy one, the real one, crashed it into a tree in the forest, apparently, at about 2am... the night didn't get much better!

The postman was able to put a smile on my face!  Firstly just seeing the package...

...and the contents, well, simply lovely!

This afternoon, after a long call with a telephone-nurse, we took the 20 mile round trip to the hospital for the first available out-of-hours doctor's appointment 2 hours later.  Running 20 minutes late, a 2 minute consultation just to diagnose a virus!  Not that I wanted more pain, suffering and prescriptions, but grrrrr! 

Still, dear husband has gone to get us a Chinese takeaway, and tonight I will be finishing this...


  1. I feel for you honey, my boys have had the same. Daniel had a 40.4 degree temp for 3 days!

  2. Poor lad, hope he, (and the tardis) recover soon

  3. love the Sherbet Pips - thought i might try this, whatdya reckon ;-)


    (get well wishes to poorly one)

  4. Ah bess, worrying about the tardis. He must know the new series starts soon.

    Show off with the new Sherbt Pips. I've never yet order outside the uk, I don't know why really. How long does it take?


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